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The Ethical Charter

Wishing to reassert the importance of its 5 major values, Club Mediterranée has decided to draft an Ethical Charter.

The primacy of values and commitments

This Ethical Charter summarises the commitments and responsibilities of Club Méditerranée with respect to outside players and recalls the rules of conduct governing in-house relations. Circulated to all employees, it is a common reference..

Responsibility as a principle

This Charter puts a very strong focus on the Group's social and environmental responsibility.. Its aim is to promote kindness as a source of mutual enrichment in our work relations, to support freedom and pioneering spirit as a corporate operating method, while upholding the responsibility of each relevant party: employees, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, shareholders...

A new way of "being together"

This charter is perfectly in line with international texts upheld by Club Méditerranée and underlines the importance given by Club Méditerranée, the inventor of a new way of "being together", to diversity and prevention of discrimination..