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G.O portraits

Food & Beverage Purchasing Manager
My best image of Club Med remains people's smile.
Club Med Voyage agency manager
Happiness is to realise that everyone has unsuspected resources
Management Controller
Working at Club Med means working in a convivial company
Business Analyst
The multicultural richness of the people you meet is incredible!
Internet Marketing Manager
Club Med allows me to steer through a wide range of exciting projects
Club Med Voyage sales adviser
I sell dreams, escapism and happiness
Development manager
Club Med is the happiness of throwing yourself into a great adventure
Club Med Sales adviser, European Call Centres
Club Med taught me the sales profession and the specificity of an upscale product
Management Controller
I would like to continue to evolve, in particular within the Foundation
Product Line Marketing Manager
I wanted to join Club Med because I was a G.M for years and I believe very strongly in the brand.
Company Law Director
Club Med offered me a real professional opportunity while remaining in my field of expertise
Director of Financial Coordination & Business Support
Happiness is finding self-revelation at Club Med, it means learning and achieving personal enrichment from others.
Business Analyst
Club Med invests a lot in accompanying my career.