Fitness instructor

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    March 2009
  • Villages :
    La Plagne, Kemer, Arcs Extrême, Val Thorens
  • Training :
    BNSSA, State Fitness diploma, STAPS (Physical education) diploma
  • Former fitness teacher in a gym
  • Fitness instructor
Key phrase
I have learnt a lot from working at Club Med

LWhen I was a student, I already worked as a pool supervisor at Club Med. I liked the company's concept and the fact that you could change destinations several times a year. As a former fitness teacher at a gym, it was interesting to work with a major group like Club Med which had more financial and human resources. Working with the right equipment, for example, is very pleasant.

I therefore stayed with the Club and I now run all the village's fitness lessons. It may seem repetitive but it is a good way to rapidly progress as it allows you to work out a lot. This position requires a healthy lifestyle and considerable dynamism. Technically, teaching ability is a key factor that can be easily developed at the village. You need to adapt your lessons to customers, i.e. be more demanding for the most experienced and be more flexible for beginners so as not to discourage them

I have learnt a lot from working at Club Med When I arrived, I was rather shy but gradually I gained confidence and opened up to others. I'm now capable of taking the mike and presenting a Crazy Sign on stage! I have radically changed and when I went home for a while I became aware of this metamorphosis. My friends and family made a lot of compliments about my way of being and doing.

On the subject of family, it has to be said that the G.O teams and G.Ms make up for the absence of family. In a village, G.Os become a real family and are always there for me. I would like to stay at Club Med and evolve towards more responsibilities. Sports Manager for example is a job that would interest me: I feel I am really capable today and, at the same time, it remains a challenge.