Stock and Purchasing supervisor

  • Entry date at Club Med :
  • Villages :
  • Driver
  • Messenger for loca authorities
  • Stock and logistic officer
  • Stock and Purchasing supervisor – in charge of General Affairs
Key phrase
I try to say to myself and to my team "GMs come first"

I arrived in Club Med as a GE in 1984, in Phuket village. At the beginning, I was a driver. Then messenger in charge of the contact with local authority. After that, I became stock and logistic officer. Now, I am stock and purchasing supervisor and in charge of general affairs (I have to have good relationship with local authority). I also take are of the village security.

Most of my work is in the back office. And even if I am not directly in contact with GM, I try to support those who are. They are in front of the guests and I try to support them from the back office. I try to do my best to serve them. I try to say to myself and to my team “GMs come first”.

Working for Club Med is special for me. I am like a tree; I grow up with Club Med in Phuket, from the beginning in 1984 to now. I have bee working fr Club Med for mor than 30 years now, it is really part of my life. Club Med gave me many chances, many opportunities. I hope I will stay here still for a long time.

What is the thing I most enjoy? I like to work in a foreign company. It is really different from working with  local company. Moreover, Club Med takes care of the environment and it is very important for me.