Tennis manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    May 2010
  • Villages :
    Djerba La Douce, La Caravelle
  • Training :
    State Tennis diploma
  • Sports director, Paris
  • Tennis manager
Key phrase
You can only experience those things if you are a G.O at Club Med

I joined Club Med to get away from my Parisian routine At the time I had a good job as a sports director in Paris... but I was bored I therefore left everything for the Club: my job, my flat, my girlfriend as I knew that in joining this company I would change my whole life and above all, this new life would be perfectly in line with my character. Now I have sun, meet people, play tennis and enjoy life in the village... One year later, I really don't regret having taken the plunge!

I have a State tennis diploma and was able to join Club Med as Tennis Manager. On a daily basis, this consists in managing a team of Tennis instructors and setting up the activity's programme at the village. For this job, you need to be organised, rigorous and have plenty of ideas to run the activities. You also need excellent relational skills.

In my opinion, you don't need to be excellent at Tennis but you must have a good technique, be a good trainer and also have a certain sense of how to coordinate activities. That was in fact was something I needed to develop at first: I was too "performance" driven and did not inject much life into my lessons. My manager took a few days to assist me and show me how to go about things. G.Ms need to make progress but they also need to enjoy themselves too!

Two seasons at the Club taught me versatility and made me more self-confident both with G.Ms and G.Os. I now take full responsibility and take advantage of my days by giving Tennis lessons, taking time to share a drink with G.Ms, participating in or presenting shows... I meet very interesting people and every day, I realise that you can only experience such things if you are a G.O at Club Med...