Assistant Restaurant Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    April 2010
  • Villages :
    Vittel, Opio en Provence
  • Training :
    BTS (2-year vocational course) in hotel trade and catering
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager  
Key phrase
I am relying on Club Med to help me evolve

I discovered the professions available at Club Med during a recruitment day at my school. When I graduated, I first joined a big company in Little Rock, USA which made me want to continue my career in a Group capable of offering evolutions, itineraries and experiences abroad to its employees. Because I really like to move, move house, evolve!

I very much appreciate my experience at Club Med as a Catering Assistant. I am in charge of the waiter and cleaning teams in the evening. I welcome customers, take charge of preparation of the dining room and, when necessary, its organisation for groups. Smiling, good mood and a taste for contact with people are indispensable! I love team work which is done in a very friendly atmosphere.

This experience will play a major part in my life. Firstly, it is my first experience in high capacity catering. It will have taught me how to work fast, effectively and in an organised way. But also, and above all, thanks to the many people I have met, both G.Os and G.Ms. I don't think it's possible to share as much with as many people in any other company.

Since I've joined the Club, I realise that I am more strongly motivated to progress and move forward. This is because the company offers lots of evolution and training possibilities. If the Club identifies potential in one of its employees, it does everything to help that person progress. Tomorrow? I would like to become Manager of the Restaurants and, in the long term, Hotel Manager. It is not necessarily an easy choice but I can rely on the Club to help me evolve.